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October 1, 2015

Network security is constantly growing and changing. Are you safe and secure against potential harm? Awareness and communication are key for keeping your network safe.

If you feel that the level of security that you currently have isn’t enough, check out our Network Design and Consultation options to take that next step at a more reliable defense against hacking.

September 15, 2015

The control panel, one of the most important interfaces in Windows, is being slowly retired. In its place, Microsoft has introduced a successor, a process that began inWindows 8 and continues in Windows 10 with the new Settings app.

July 8, 2015

Numerous reports have surfaced of a major security flaw in the Adobe Flash player that, unless you’ve updated today, you are almost certainly vulnerable to. This vulnerability could allow attackers to remotely execute code on a targeted computer without the user even being aware of what is going on. Be sure to update your Adobe Flash player immediately to avoid any potential data loss.

We provide many different back up and recovery options, so check out our Automated Onsite and Offsite Backup Solutions to see what best fits your company’s needs.


July 2, 2015

There’s an invasion of mini PCs going on right now, and they don’t get much mini-er than Chromecast-style dongles that slap into any HDMI port. The latest entrant to the computer stick game is the Archos PC Stick, a $99 Windows 10 PC that measures 4.45-inches long–a little shorter than an iPhone 4S–and 1.48-inches wide.

Whether your company uses mini PCs, standard desktops, laptops, or thin clients, we’ve got you covered. You can keep your computers and network running smoothly with our Managed Services options.

June 25, 2015

Samsung has been disabling Microsoft’s Windows Update on its desktops and notebooks, leaving customers vulnerable to malware that targets already-patched vulnerabilities.

If you’re concerned that your business could be at risk because of Samsung’s actions then check out our Workstation Servicing and Building options.

June 12, 2015

You may have heard a lot of buzz about a complicated matter called “Net Neutrality.” It’s a pretty confusing topic, but it’s extremely important when it comes how you you browse the internet. Net Neutrality begins today, so here’s what it means and how it will impact you.

Be sure to check out our Network Design and Consultation page to help insure that your business network isn’t slowing you down.


June 4, 2015

The world is going wireless. The lack of clutter and the convenience of being able to connect to the Internet almost anywhere means Wi-Fi is the first choice for anyone who is looking to go online, but don’t count the ethernet cable out just yet. See the pros and cons of each connection type and decide which is better for you.

If you still need help deciding on which you should use, then feel free to consult with us regarding your company’s network infrastructure and wiring needs.


June 1, 2015

Microsoft just announced that Windows 10 will be available on July 29, 2015. The new OS comes with many new features including Microsoft Edge, the replacement for Internet Explorer, as well as a digital assistant named Cortona.

May 28, 2015

An actual picture of the internet being delivered. #internetfairydoesntpayforteeth #internetfairyneedssuspenders #anddrivesabigwhitevan #hastag

May 28, 2015

Google announced today at Google I/O 2015 an all-new product called Google Photos. This aims to be the one-stop app for all home photos and videos. The product lets people store, organize and share photos and videos easily.

Free storage is a great tool, but is it as secure as having your data stored with a trusted company?

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