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Automated Onsite and Offsite Backup Solutions

Automated onsite and offsite backup solutions are a must in today’s business environment! Offsite backup is considered a business best practice. By transporting your data off-site to a secure backup environment, your business is completing an essential step in disaster recovery planning.

Cloudvelop Backup is a completely customizable onsite and offsite backup solution for protecting physical and virtual environments. This includes software, appliance, and offsite replication. It is simple to deploy and easy to manage. It also offers secure redundant offsite server and cloud storage. Cloudvelop Backup includes an extensive range of supported environments and integration with Copy file sync and share services. Your organization can replace multi-vendor piecemeal backup solutions with an all-in-one Cloudvelop Backup. By automating your onsite and offsite backups, we can ensure that backups are happening on a regular interval, without requiring input from you, and that all of your latest data is backed up securely.

We also use a hybrid onsite and offsite data backup solution which provides protection against local disasters. Cloudvelop Backup works by storing data to a local data storage device, capturing the backup at high speed. Then the backup is encrypted, and transmits to the cloud. This hybrid approach ensures that you have no single point of failure and provides redundant copies of backups.

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