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DIY Home Automation

November 19, 2014

First, let’s start with what home automation is. Home automation is the automation of the home itself, housework, or household activities. Systems such as lighting, HVAC, appliances, security locks, and other items can be automated to occur at specific times, or in response to specific inputs. These inputs can be entered directly or remotely via the internet. Open your blinds, turn on lights, turn down the thermostat, lock a door, each of these tasks can be accomplished with home automation. With the inclusion of an internet connection, many of these home automations can be directed and controlled from your phone, laptop, or tablet. Here is an article answering some questions on how to get started with a home automation kit.

Once you begin to think through all the little things that are possible with home automation, its attractiveness becomes quite apparent. Home automation makes it easy to control the temperature in your home, while you’re not there. Turn the thermostat up for when you’re at the office, or out of town. Turn on lights, close blinds, and lock doors from your tablet to ward of possible break-ins. A company named LittleBits has created a simple home automation kit that is available for purchase. Their introduction kit is easy to learn, use, and deploy, and will have you on your way to home automation projects. Check out this review of their Smart Home Kit.

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