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Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery solutions are essential to running a successful business. The risk of losing data is always present. Sometimes it is in the form of a catastrophic disaster such as an earthquake, storm or other natural disaster. Sometimes it’s less theatrical, but just as devastating such as accidental data deletion, power surges, theft, or even a infrastructure failure. Can your company afford downtime that will take time, money, effort and damage to your reputation associated with such disasters?

Here’s why can you rely on Advanced Network Solutions to protect your company from disaster:

  • We work with your key employees to make sure all important data is cataloged and stored.
  • We create backup schedules to make sure you restoration data is up to date
  • We test the restoration data to verify that it will restore quickly and properly
  • We extensively document the restoration process to make sure, in the event of a disaster, your data can quickly be restored
  • We periodically update the backup set and restoration information to reflect changes to your organization

Advanced Network Solutions makes this possible by utilizing the latest hardware and software technologies. Most forms of backups can be completed with no user involvement at all, making them easy, affordable and highly reliable. Other backups systems can utilize high speed internet connections, creating off-site backups on a scheduled basis. With Advanced Network Solutions’ Disaster Recovery Preparedness, we can ensure that your organization with not lose customers, business, or your valuable reputation.

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