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Managed IT Service and Support for the Modern Business.

Managed IT Services

In today’s world, your business likely relies heavily on technology to stay competitive. From data input to service software, software, computer systems and networks are the lifeblood of commerce. When something goes wrong with your tech, your entire business can grind to a halt.
This is why many businesses choose to work with us through a Managed IT Services agreement. We  provide an infinitely better service experience by managing all of your technology with one flat rate cost. Not only do you get an entire team of certified technicians, but you also get a trusted advisor when it comes to the technology side of your business.

Cabling & Wiring

Modern offices and organizations need constant access to the internet and their online infrastructures to maintain a successful business. If you have recently moved into a new office or have renovated a new space, then it’s important to hire a licensed contractor to provide ethernet cable and wiring services to accommodate your business.

At Advanced Network Solutions, we specialize in delivering exceptional cabling services for various industries, from small business to enterprise-level organizations.

Phone Systems

Why choose Advanced Network Solutions as your business phone VOIP (voice over internet protocol) provider? We have partnered with 3CX to provide cost-effective, scalable, and easy to manage VOIP solutions to our customers. A scalable solution means that 3CX will work with a 2 handset system small business, or a 1,000 handset medium or large size business with multiple locations. Additionally, 3cx phone systems can work with your existing cabling in many cases.

Physical Security & Surveillance

Security is an important issue in today’s world. In sensitive industries such as healthcare, finance, and government, installing viable security measures is no longer an option.

It’s now a requirement, especially as far as insurance and legal accountability is concerned. To protect your business from the diverse and pressing threats of the outside world, you’ll need to directly control every person who enters and leaves.

Smart Office Solutions

At Advanced Network Solutions, we provide smart office solutions to help you cut down on costs and efficiently use power throughout your organization. By partnering with Igor we now offer true power over Ethernet lighting.  Significantly reduce your power consumption in comparison to other “efficient” lighting technologies that use standard electrical wiring.

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