Access Control

Strong security measures for the modern business.

Improved Physical Security Through Access Control Solutions.

Security is an important issue in today’s world. In sensitive industries such as healthcare, finance, and government, installing viable security measures is no longer an option.

It’s now a requirement, especially as far as insurance and legal accountability is concerned. To protect your business from the diverse and pressing threats of the outside world, you’ll need to directly control every person who enters and leaves.

At Advanced Network Solutions, we specialize in setting up ironclad access control systems to minimize the occurrence and impact of a security and data breach.

Our Access Control System Features

We partner with Isonas, an access control company, to provide us with the technology, resources, and capabilities to optimize the security of your organization. This partnership allows us to reinforce your building’s security in the following ways:

Exceptional Innovation

Our state-of-the-art reading controller doesn’t rely on a separate power system, hard wiring, or a control panel. This eliminates compromising and hacking from an intruder.

Economical Solution

In comparison to standard security solutions, ours don’t require much maintenance, labor, and equipment. This lowers the cost of ownership without sacrificing quality.

Complete Versatility

Our system can conveniently integrate with other systems, such as a smartphone. It can adapt to your growing and changing business needs along the way.

Benefits of Our Access Control System

Utilizing the right access control system is integral to the overall security of your organization. When you choose to hire Advanced Network Solutions, our team of qualified technicians will provide you with the following benefits:

Expert Consultation

We don’t apply cookie-cutter installation methods. Every business is different. When you call us, we’ll schedule an assessment with you to better understand your organization and its vulnerabilities.

Valuable Expertise

With decades of experience setting up access control systems for a myriad of different businesses, you can rely on our company to get the job done to maintain compliance and maximum protection.

Comfortable Assurance

By installing an access control system, you can receive the peace of mind knowing that your business and its assets are protected against any threat.

Give Us a Call Today!

Do you want to contact us to set up an access control system for your business, or would you like to schedule an assessment? If so, give us a call today at (661) 636-0290 to speak to a member of our team.

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