Physical Security & Surveillance

From Security Cameras to Access Control Systems, we have Bakersfield Businesses Covered.

Video Surveillance and Burglar Alarms

Our video surveillance systems allow you to monitor your business premises after hours, record license plate numbers and intruders’ movement. Our cameras are designed to capture high-quality wide-area images. The video surveillance systems offered by Advanced Network Solutions are easy to use and highly reliable. You can utilize solutions just like this for your business, for less than you might expect.

  • Wide Area View
  • Movement Detection
  • View/Zoom/Tilt or Pan
  • Smartphone App
  • Secure Browser Access
  • CD/DVD Writable 

Access Control

Security is an important issue in today’s world. In sensitive industries such as healthcare, finance, and government, installing viable security measures is no longer an option.

It’s now a requirement, especially as far as insurance and legal accountability is concerned. To protect your business from the diverse and pressing threats of the outside world, you’ll need to directly control every person who enters and leaves.

At Advanced Network Solutions, we specialize in setting up ironclad access control systems to minimize the occurrence and impact of a security and data breach.

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