Video Surveillance and Burglar Alarms

Commercial Security Cameras and Alarm Systems in Bakersfield, California.

Video Surveillance

Our video surveillance systems allow you to monitor your business premises after hours, record license plate numbers and intruders’ movement. Our cameras are designed to capture high-quality wide-area images. The video surveillance systems offered by Advanced Network Solutions are easy to use and highly reliable. You can utilize solutions just like this for your business, for less than you might expect.

  • Wide Area View
  • Movement Detection
  • View/Zoom/Tilt or Pan
  • Smartphone App
  • Secure Browser Access
  • CD/DVD Writable 

Below, you will find a video detailing one of the many Video Surveillance options we utilize with our clients.

Burglar Alarms

Our team of trained technicians has installed countless burglar alarms for clients and friends all over the state. We utilize a wide variety of alarm solutions all built to provide you with the highest level of protection at the best possible price. Whether you are looking for a robust, hard-wired traditional system, or a highly customizable, wireless, next generation system, we can design and build an alarm system the meets your demands. Give us a call today, to get the process started!

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